About the Founder:



Ms. B Wangeci is a lawyer by training and a Beauty-Prenuer by choice. She spent 12 years of her career life in the corporate world working for multinational companies which saw her living in different countries and continents.  She occasionally cheated on her career with the beauty and fashion industry before she decided to pursue her true love and passion. Beauty with a cause.

It’s during this time that she realized, in spite of where you lived, beauty was stereotyped and controlled. To be “beautiful” you had to fit in a box. 85% of the women don’t feel represented in the beauty industry.

She’s a rebel goddess who is determined to shatter these stereotypes while changing the narrative one day at a time with your help.

She strongly believes that beauty comes in different shapes, shades and sizes which should be embraced and celebrated. She encourages women to show up unapologetically and be their authentic selves.

Her mantra is – “In the beginning, one woman overturned the whole world. Together as women we can put it back together’.

Her life’s motto is, “Be you. Be free”.